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J. Zamboni – Arlington, Tx

“Over the past several years, I have purchased more than a half dozen or so of LL Woodworks’ pens.  I first met Lynn at a local high school craft fair.  He was the only artisan that I’d ever met that crafted pens that accepted a particular type of ink cartridge that over the years had become my personal favorite, the Pilot G2.  My wife bought me my first LL Woodworks’ pen as a Christmas present.  I enjoyed it so much that I went to that same craft fair a year later looking for Lynn so I could buy another.  When I finally ran into him again, I purchased several other pens.  Although I often purchase the pens as gifts, I always have a hard time giving them away.  My wife says that I’ve become a “pen snob” since I enjoy writing with my LL Wodworks’ pens so much.  The simple fact is that each pen is unique, beautifully crafted, and very durable.  I find the craftsmanship to be unbelievably detailed.  Lynn is an exceptional woodworker.  The details he adds to the pens, whether it is an inlaid design using aluminum or a custom-made coordinated wood finial, each pen is truly a work of art.  As I write this, I have 3 LL Woodworks’ pens sitting at my desk.  Recently, I offered someone one of my pens to write a note and they picked it up, inspected it closely, wrote their note, and carefully handed it back to me as if they were afraid to touch it or break it, like it was a fine piece of art.  My lone regret when it comes to these pens is that I don’t have a display case as beautifully crafted as the pens themselves so I can show them off when I’m not using them.  Finally, Lynn is a man of great character and is kind beyond measure. I’ve enjoyed getting to know him and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing or wanting finally-crafted wood products.”